Announcing Residential Property API v2 - Beta Release

Announcing Residential Property API v2 - Beta Release

Arturo is pleased to announce beta access to the next generation of our residential property API, developer portal, and helpdesk. To request API access, please visit the developer portal and create an account: For helpdesk access, visit to create an account (this is separate from your developer portal account).

Property API v2-beta

This API is for experimental use only—not supported for production. The interface is subject to change until the final release (ETA July ‘20). See our release stages for more information:

An intuitive interface

  • For requests, we’ve added GeoJSON Point and Polygon as location input (in addition to raw address string).

  • For responses, we’ve significantly altered the default JSON response, optimizing for readability and intuitive hierarchies. We’ve also enabled a new GeoJSON response format to return spatial geometries for objects detected on residential properties. (Response format is determined by the request’s Accept header.)

Upcoming features

This initial release will serve as the foundation for the following features in our roadmap:

  • General interface polishing (consistent types, consistent formatting, etc.)

  • Image source selection. We will add support for GIC, Geomni, and Aerometrex. Currently the API only supports a default set of Nearmap, Maxar, and Bing imagery.

  • Image resources. We will add input images to the API response, as well as expose them as downloadable resources in a secondary API call (e.g.{image-id}).

  • Specify returned feature sets to customer needs across Underwriting, Claims, CAT Risk Modelling, etc. (e.g. only return pools, buildings, etc.).

Terms of use

  • Requests are limited to 100 per day and a concurrency of 1.

  • Any data derived from requests cannot be used in a production environment.

Developer Portal -

The new Arturo Developer Portal provides self-service for API credentials, and is home to the latest API specs. Visit to create an account.

Helpdesk -

The new Arturo Helpdesk is now the official site for submitting service tickets and feature requests. It will also host API integration guides, the data dictionary, and other Arturo policies. Visit to create an account (this is separate from your developer portal account).
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